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Welcome to city of Västerås

Welcome to city of Västerås

Welcome to Västerås Mälarstaden. This is an independent information site about the city of Västerås and we wish to give you a rich experience of Västerås online. You will find a wide range of possibilities for a pleasent experience when you decide to visit Västerås. We hope that you as a visitor will get a multifaceted image of Västerås after your visit to Västeråsmälarstaden.se

At the northernmost lake of Mälaren about 10 km west north west of Stockholm you will find the sparkling gem, called Västerås. About 121 806 people have chosen to call Västerås their home and the city is also central to the province of Västmanland. The city has a long and event full history wich has been contributed in different ways to Sweden as country and other parts of the world throughout the history.

Västerås city is also the location where two of Europe’s two largest companies, ASEA and the Swedish Metalworks were founded in the city in 1900. These companies contributed to the electrification of the historical Swedish society. Also, the well known Swedish Retail Brand H&M was founded in Västerås.

Restaurants, sights and historical places

In Västerås you find a great number of restaurants, sights and historical marks. The city celebrated a 1000 years in the year 1990 and are to this day a place where progressive thinking och work takes place. A great number of cultural och historic places are still visible and part of the city image. You can with great pleasure visit the most contemporary restaurants and bars and after visit historical sights and museums. Västerås Cathedral has a famous treasure chamber which is well worth a visit. During your stay in Västerås you can easily enjoy shopping with a range of well known brands and swedish designs and brands. Have a nice “Fika” (cup of coffe and something sweet) and walk the picturesque streets of Västerås.

Easy travel to Västerås

Traveling to Västerås by car is easily done, since E 18 goes through the city in both east and west directions. The train station is located in the center of down town Västerås and you can reach Västerås in 50-60 minutes by train from Stockholm. Trains departure every 30 minute.

You find  an airport i Västerås it is called Stockholm-Västerås airport  but the flights are a bit limited and it is easier to reach Västerås by flying to Stockholm and then catch a bus or a train to Västerås. It is easy to find your way to Västerås thanks to its location along Mälarbanan the most frequented railway through southern part of Sweden. You can go by train from both Gothenburg and Stockholm without transfers. Read more about traveling to Västerås here.

A history full of events

The name of Västerås city has grown from the 13th century when the area was called Westra Aros. For centuries, the name has changed, later on the city was called Væstraaros (1300s), and then in the late 1300s as Wæsterar. During the 16th century the name Vesterå(h)rs was adopted and in the early 1600s the city was called Västerås. The fact that the famous city of Westeros in the game Game of Thrones would have any connection to Västerås says the author George RR Martin is just a pure coincidence.

Boende i Västerås

Steam hotell och Äventyrsbadet Kokpunkten.