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Tourist attractions in Västerås

Tourist attractions in Västerås

A visit to Västerås will not disappoint you, there are opportunities for expectations of all ages and personalities to be satisfied. If you want to visit a treasure chest, swim in an adventure bath, stroll in a vibrant cultural heritage area or visit ancient remains, you’ve come to the right place. And do not forget to bounce in the trampoline park either. In Västerås there are an amount of tourist attractions centrally located in the city, while some are conveniently located outside. It is therefore easy to get around in Västerås and to enjoy the beautiful heritage of historical sights.

The activities may have different opening hours so to be sure to check on the respective activities website, which is applicable to opening hours and admission. You will find links to the activities we mention below.

Historical Experiences

Västerås domkyrka

Västerås Cathedral.

Anundhög is a historical experience over the ordinary, as the area was a power center during the Middle Ages, you can find a interment that is Sweden’s largest and is about 65m in diameter and consisting of a beautiful formation made of rocks. In the area there are several different ancient remains, and you also have a nice lunch or cup of coffee in the Café.

You should not miss a visit to Västerås Cathedral when visiting Västerås. The Gothic cathedral with parts from the 13th century is a real highlight. You will find here, for example, Erik XIV’s royal grave and a host of other exciting and beautiful ornaments.

If you want to experience live cultural history, visit the Vallby open-air museum, which started to be built in 1921. Here you can pat animals and watch beautiful historical buildings and environments kept alive and intact. A perfect adventure for, for example the family with children.

Play jump and swim

For those who want to swim and play, they won’t be disappointed after a visit to Västerås. You will find, among other things, a

Waterpark Kokpunkten in Västerås

large water park in central Västerås called Kokpunkten Waterpark where you and the whole family can have a full day adventure in one of the larger water parks in Sweden. Here you will find outdoor pools, whirlwind and lots of fun water play.

Yoump Trampoline Park is a must for anyone who likes adventure and seeing the world a bit higher from above. Here you will find a wide range of trampolines and if you want to learn to bounce better you can take a basic course.

Västerås Air Museum is an air museum with the opportunity to sit in fighters such as Viggen and a Draken. Also do not miss the flight simulator where you can try on flying a real plane.

Visit a Castle, Play Poetry playground and visit beautiful Parks

Tidö Castle is one of Sweden’s most preserved castles from the Swedish Great Reign, and it was the Axel Oxenstierna that made it up early 1625. Here you will also find a toy museum and a nice restaurant.

Västerås city park was founded in 1890 and was originally an attempt by one of the city’s tobacco manufacturers to improve his view from the house. Today you can enjoy the beauty of Västerås Stadspark, where you will find beautiful vegetation and opportunities to eat. The park is especially worth visiting in summertime.

An association of play and poetry is Poesiparken, which opened in 2016. Here you can play in a playground inspired by Nobel Prize winner Tomas Tranströmers amazing poetry. The park is created and inspired by poems.


Boende i Västerås

Steam hotell och Äventyrsbadet Kokpunkten.